Thursday, January 17, 2013

Mean Girls, 80s Style

I recently received a book care package from a fellow Madwomen that contained a rare, hilarious find called The Aqua-Net Hair Diaries.  It's a collection of related short-stories / essays by Jennifer Nivens that are an autobiographical account of her times in high school in small-town Indiana in the 1980s.

Nivens' writing style is a true gift.  She's hilarious, yet subtle.  When reading it, I feel as if I am back in my own high school, navigating the mean girls, the drama geeks, the gorgeous senior boys, the unfairness of life in general, and the angst of being stuck in between being a child and being a real person.  The theory that led her to write her story was that all high schools (at least suburban or small time high schools), whether in 1980s or today, are essentially the same, as are the experiences of the students.  So far, she has convinced me, as her stories have dredged up some long-forgotten memories of my own high school days and my friends there that have made me simultaneously cringe, laugh out loud, and, just a little bit, long to go back.

- Dani

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  1. Ahhhhh, memories! It has been about three years since I read the book but I distinctly remember being able to relate. One of my favorite scenes was when they decided to drive something ridiculous like 50 miles to get fast food for lunch. It reminded me of Taco Tuesdays, and speeding to get back in time for art class. While I was in high school I pretty much hated it. But in retrospect, there were some really great times as well!